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Q. Do you have information on String Art?

A. All of the information I have on my string art ornaments is included on this web site. Please view it carefully, as you will be directed back to this site if your questions can be answered here.  I no longer make kits, if you purchased a kit from me in the past, they are no longer available.

Q. Where do I find string art pictures or photo kits?

A. I only do string art ornaments. I do not do string art pictures. I have never done string art with the boards and nails, so I cannot tell you where to find kits or instructions for them or your long lost favorite pattern. You would have to search the Internet just like I would have to as every string art site is different and every person's wants and likes are different.

Q. Can I use your patterns on cards?

A. I do not know if you can use my patterns on cards. I have never done cards, only ornaments. You are more than welcome to try them, but I cannot be held responsible if they do not work properly or don't turn out the way you expected them to.

Q. Can my child or students do these ornaments?

A. I cannot answer that question for you. Only you know the capabilities of your child (students). If you do want your child (students) to do them, please start with Book One so they get the technique down before moving on to the more difficult patterns. This is also recommended with anyone in their early teens or the elderly. I do not recommend children under the 6th grade doing them unless you have close supervision of the project.

Q. How much string do I use?

A. Each ornament has a different length of string used and it is best not to cut the string from the ball until you are finished with the ornament.

Q. Do you have an ornament of .......?

A. All of the ornaments that I have available are already posted on my website. I do not have any others for sale that are not shown. I try to make new patterns as time permits, but I don't post them on the Internet until I have enough to complete a book.

Q. What type of string do you use?

A. I use 100% cotton crochet string of many colors, (size 10 for larger ornaments and 20 for the smallest star) which can be purchased from any local craft department. I do not use metallic thread or any other special thread, only crochet cotton. You may want to experiment with other threads if you so desire.

Q. Do you use nails?

A. No, I do not use nails. I use stainless steel pins that I purchase from a craft store like JoAnn Fabric or Michaels. Sometimes WalMart carries them. I do not use the ones with plastic or glass balls on the top. Just the plain straight pin, but be sure they are stainless steel so they don't rust.

Q. What type of glitter do you use?

A. I use various types of glitter, Silver Hologram, Gold Hologram, Polyester Glitter. I purchase glitters from my local craft stores, Hologram Silver is my basic star glitter. Glitter is an item that people can choose whatever suits their needs and wants. What looks good to others may not look good to you. Be creative.

Q. Where do I purchase the products for making the ornaments?

A. Any craft store, or department store, i.e. Wal-Mart, JoAnn Fabric, Ben Franklin, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's carry 99% of the products needed to make the ornaments. One inch Styrofoam can be purchased from your local lumber yard.

Q. How are the ornaments held together?

A. The ornaments are held together with a glue (that does not yellow, like ™Elmer's regular, NOT school glue) and water mixture applied after the ornaments are strung.

Q. Do the ornaments stand alone?

A. The ornaments are hung by a transparent nylon string or they can have magnets glued to the back to use on refrigerators, etc.

Q. Why don't my ornaments look like yours?

A. Each person has their own individual technique for making these ornaments. Sometimes it is the glue mixture, or type of glitter used. Each person has to experiment with their glue mixture. I'm still learning and it's been over 10 years of experimenting for me.

Q. Where do I purchase plastic wrap that works best?

A. "Sam*s choice stretchable wrap (premium plastic food wrap). You can purchase it at Wal-Mart. Sam*s choice (or Great Value) is the only over the counter plastic wrap that I've found to work. If you find a plastic wrap that works just as well for you, please let me know the brand name so I can forward that information on to my customers as well. The glue/water mixture needs to bubble up on the plastic wrap in order to use it for your ornaments.  I have also used AMWAY in the past and it works great too.

Q. Can I purchase the products to make the ornaments from you?

A. No, I do not carry bulk supplies as it is less expensive for you to purchase all of the products locally rather than through us.

Q. Can I purchase books at a discount for retail sale?

A. No, I do not do wholesale and I do not print books out any longer.

Q. Can I purchase wholesale?

A. I do not wholesale. See previous question.

Q. Do you have a mail order form?

A. No, I do not print and ship hard copies of books/patterns any longer.  All patterns and books are sold in PDF format and sent by email.

Q. Can I photo copy your patterns?

A. No, all of Easy Creations Pattern Books/Patterns are copyrighted © and registered with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and cannot be reproduced. There will be no exceptions, so please do not email me and ask for special permission as it is not fair for everyone if I allow one and not the other. This is how I make my living and just like the music industry, it is illegal to reproduce another persons copyrighted work of art. Thank you in advance for your honesty.

Q. Can I make the ornaments to sell at a local craft show?

A. Yes you may, as long as you are NOT selling or giving away any photo copied PATTERNS at your shows.

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. Once I receive PayPal confirmation of your payment, it will be emailed to you at the email address you have listed with PayPal. Please allow 24 hours, but usually you will receive it much sooner.

Q. Can I place an order from Canada or another country?

A. Yes, but you will need a PayPal account to purchase them and they will be sent to you by email.  EU countries are blocked from using PayPal because of the new VAT laws.

Most importantly, please read the directions that come with the books and individual patterns to be assured that you are making the ornaments correctly. Each book and individual pattern comes with a complete set of instructions and product list. Thank you very much for your interest in my string art ornaments.


Marcia Peterson


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